Call for Proposals

The MiniDebConf India Content team would like to call for proposals for the MiniDebConf India 2021 conference, which will take place online, from January 23rd to 24th, 2021.


MiniDebConf India, organised by the Debian India community and supported by Debian, will be streamed online so you can participate wherever you are. Aims to introduce and propagate Debian and Free Software in Indian subcontinent. We are currently set up for talks in English, Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu. However, if you are more comfortable presenting in another language from the subcontinent, we would be more than happy to consider your proposal!

The event will run from 1000 to 2100 hours IST (0430-1530 UTC) over two days.

Submitting an Event

You can now submit an event proposal. Events are not limited to traditional presentations or informal sessions (BoFs): we welcome submissions of tutorials, performances, art installations, debates, or any other format of event that you think would be of interest to the Debian community.

Regular sessions may either be 20 or 45 minutes long (including time for questions), other kinds of sessions (workshops, demos, lightning talks, etc.) could have different durations. Please choose the most suitable duration for your session and explain any special requests.

In order to submit a talk, you will need to create an account on the site. We suggest that Debian Salsa account holders (including DDs and DMs) use their Salsa login when creating an account. However, this isn’t necessary, as you can sign up with an e-mail address and password.


Topics can be anything that is relevant to Debian and Free Software.

Online Talks

We expect speakers to pre-record their talks in advance. Live talks at an online conference are prone to technical problems, resulting in bad quality videos. We strongly encourage you to record your presentations as instructed here. You can interact with the audience on the IRC channel.

Code of Conduct

The event is covered by a Code of Conduct designed to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. The code applies to all attendees, including speakers, and to the content of all presentations. Do not hesitate to contact us by mail at <india [dot] mini [at] debconf [dot] org> if you have any questions or are unsure about certain content you’d like to present.

Video Coverage

As this is an online conference, talks will be streamed live over the internet. Unless speakers opt-out, all scheduled talks will be recorded and published later under the DebConf license (MIT/Expat), as well as presentation slides and papers whenever available.

Please note that, although we will make your wishes known to the participants, we cannot control whether attendees record and publish your talk from the live stream.


In case of any queries or issues that require redressal reach out to the organizers at <india [dot] mini [at] debconf [dot] org>

See you all at the conference!

MiniDebConf India Team