Lightning talks

Speakers: Kentaro Hayashi Akshay S Dinesh Muhammad Usman a h Naveen Cherukupalle SrujanaBotcha Aravind Raineni minraws Omshivaprakash HL

Track: Others

Type: Lightning talk

Room: Buzz

Time: Jan 24 (Sun): 15:10

Duration: 0:40

This will be a collation of 5 mins talks. The following are the talks we will be hosting.

  • (English) - Finding untouched bugs by Kentaro Hayashi
  • (English) Gaming in Debian by SrujanaBotcha
  • (English) Fun with Terminal by arvindraineni
  • (English) Debian release party experience by Naveen Cherukupalle
  • (Hindi) Open Source, Gaming and Game Development by minraws
  • (Malayalam) Experience of debian for embedded and DIY projects by Muhammad Usman
  • (Kannada) Digital archiving to build OER for local languages

More details about the talks can be found at corresponding links at