Free Software Hacktivist,
Masters in Software Engineering,
Full Stack Developer at Swecha.

Accepted Talks:

Debian Documentation in Telugu

The talk on Documentation manual of Debian in Telugu. As localization is important to reach more extent and make the people understand about Project Documentation Project in Telugu by making them to use the Debian for their technical projects.

Workshop: CI/CD essentials from scratch with Gitlab.

Time : 60 Minutes

In Software Industry, the developer team puts their efforts on the deployments for small minute code changes. There are multiple stages involved in deployment as clean, build, test, deploy it which requires all your attention and intimate the dev team about the failures if so in between. The CI/CD(Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) helps the developer team to make changes automatically by reducing the man power.

Let’s learn how to write gitlab-ci.yml file and then debian-salsa-ci.yml file

BoF: Polyglots, not Silos

Most contemporary frameworks use a single language paradigm and are therefore trapped in a bubble of knowledge and idiom. This can work well for certain niche applications, but it also fosters a kind of tribalism.

This can be seen in the way that the FOSS development communities huddle on their stacks, ultimately breeding very little cross-pollination.

This same situation can be seen in the Rust vs Node vs C++ battlefields, where hardliners take their stances and refuse to collaborate across communities.

Let’s look at how Polyglots is going to change the landscape of the Developer outlook and production of our software itself.