Devdutt Shenoi

Accepted Talks:

BoF: Rust-Lang

Rust-lang is now gaining immense popularity in the world of systems programming, with all kinds of software, be it game engines or network utilities. With code that is written in a beautiful and articulate manner, building on years of research and technical expertise from it’s inception at Mozilla Research and now being organized under it’s own foundation, with influences from some of the greatest minds in computing.

In this BoF session, we intend to introduce the language to new comers who have some exposure to programming languages in general(like C, Python, JavaScript) and would want to become proper Rustaceans. We also intend to provide a platform for programmers who have been experimenting with the language to share with us their story.

This event will be a team effort, organized mainly by members of the Kerala Rustaceans( telegram group. We would really love to get more hands on board from genuinely interested Rust community members to organize the event, join us now!